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Accessibility Statement

Success Begins with Access

Civic Federal Credit Union (Civic) provides members with full access to our products and services. We know choice is important for everyone, especially members with disabilities. Choose a preferred experience – using the telephone, online or mobile options. Because all success begins with access.

Robust Online Experiences

Our digital channels give you full access to financial services 24/7/365. And this robust online experience can be a game-changer for members who have difficulty accessing physical places.

Both access and security are priorities. We maintain online browser and mobile device compatibility within industry accessibility standards. This especially helps our members who have visual or audible disabilities. For optimal access, it is recommended to use the native accessibility tools within your operating system. Our teams will continue to update Civic’s online and mobile platforms to provide the most up-to-date accessibility experience.

Please contact our Experience Center at 844-772-4842 if you have trouble accessing or using our website, online or mobile platforms. The team’s office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST.

Phone Options Through Our Experience Center

The Civic Experience Center is available by calling 844-772-4842. Members with hearing or speech-related disabilities should dial 711 to connect with a relay operator.

Suggestions for Improvement

Your ideas are valued here. Please share suggestions about how our website, online or mobile platforms could better serve you. Send us an email at, send a secure message through your online or mobile banking, or contact the Experience Center at 844-772-4842. Thank you in advance. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.